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APS Jobs

At ARIMA, we're experts at recruiting for the APS. Our consultants understand what is the best cultural fit for you. We provide guidance to best navigate the entire recruitment process.

Looking for a career in the APS? Explore a wide range of public service jobs in Canberra.

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Dora Zhang

Senior Consultant Defence

Its been a pleasure working with Dora. She was very dedicated, proficient, and reliable. She not only took the time to know my skills and expertise, but also helped me to prepare for the interviews. She actually cares for her candidates.

Candidate placed in the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, and Communications


Save time searching and deal with decision makers

Get placed in a job and workplace that's right for you

Land high paying contract jobs not advertised on the public market

Personlised help and guidance throughout the entire recruitment process

Ready to find your dream job?

Dora Zhang
Rita Zhang
Anthony Mora
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