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CISEW Manager

Level 3 - Advanced Practitioner

12 month contract

The G-6 is responsible to the Commander Army Aviation Command (COMD AVNCOMD) for the function of Communications Information Systems and Electronic Warfare (CISEW) planning and enablement in support of the functions of AVNCOMD and in accordance with Army policy.

Working to Chief of Staff HQ AVNCOMD (COS AVNCOMD), the position will manage capability, develop policy and support implementing plans for major AVNCOMD activities and exercises.


Daily rate negotiable

Contract Extensions

2 x 12 month extension options

Security Requirements

Minimum NV2


Job Overview

Find out what you'll be doing

Service Benefits

Competitive salary packages

Job satisfaction

Work-life balance

Training & development

The Role

The role’s responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Align the CISEW functions of AVNCOMD, in accordance with COMD AVNCOMD priorities and the Army Order

  • Provide accurate and timely CISEW policy advice and input into planning groups for the generation of capability for AVNCOMD

  • Assure and report on CISEW aspects of the organisational health of AVNCOM

  • Exercise technical control of all AVNCOMD CISEW assets

  • Implement CISEW supporting plans for conducting major AVNCOMD activities and exercises

  • Perform the role of IT Security Manager (ITSM) for AVNCOMD. The ITSM coordinates the Cyber Security and Worthiness strategic direction provided by the AHQ. The main area of responsibility of an ITSM is the day–to–day management of information security within the Command/Formation, including Cyber Security Incident Response

  • Facilitating CISEW related audits of AVNCOMD units

  • Representing AVNCOMD at select CISEW related fora

Your Background & Experience

The role requires demonstrated experience in:

  • A superior knowledge of Defence CISEW policy and writing standards

  • Experience in the management of one or more fields of Defence Security (eg management of facilities security accreditations, previous security roles in higher headquarters or other Government Departments etc)

  • Demonstrated experience in CISEW management at operational and strategic levels

  • Demonstrated experience in CISEW management in an Aviation context

  • Demonstrated experience in managing cyber worthiness

  • Proven ability to work within a multiple disciplined Commonwealth and Contractor team to achieve effective outcomes

  • The availability of ‘reach back’ opportunities into the Service Provider organisation that complement and enhance the Specified Persons skills and the overall efficacy of the Services

Anthony Mora

Dora Zhang

Lead Partner





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