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Logistics Policy Manager

Level 3 - Advanced Practitioner

12 month contract

G4 Aviation Command (AVNCOMD) is responsible for effective logistics management within Aviation Command. The G4s scope includes Land Materiel Maintenance, Supply Chain Assurance and command preparation for implementation Defence’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Program).

. Integrated logistics support is integral to the effective provision of Army’s Aviation capability. Logistics support must be underpinned by clear and effective policy, and must be monitored through the effective application of a governance framework.


Daily rate negotiable

Contract Extensions

2 x 12 month extension options

Security Requirements

Minimum NV1


Job Overview

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Service Benefits

Competitive salary packages

Job satisfaction

Work-life balance

Training & development

The Role

The role’s responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Conduct an environmental scan of superior and subordinate policy and documentation regarding Supply Chain and Land Material management, and identify potential gaps

  • Seek and consolidate stakeholder input regarding policy gaps and associated risks, and recommend a prioritised pathway for the development of AVNCOMD Supply Chain and Land Material Maintenance governance

  • Consolidate and manage the progression of AVNCOMD’s Supply Chain and Land Material Maintenance assurance frameworks, including the conduct of audits, stocktakes, business process monitoring and other activities

  • Draft logistics management policy for AVNCOMD

  • Support G4 in the planning and execution of AVNCOMD logistics activities

  • Represent the G4 in logistics support meetings and committees where appropriate

  • Assist in the G4 the preparation of support related reporting and briefing materials

  • Provide logistics advice and support to the broader HQ AVNCOMD and subordinate units as required

Your Background & Experience

The role requires demonstrated experience in:

  • A superior knowledge of Defence security policy and writing standards

  • Experience in the management of one or more fields of assurance activities (material maintenance, auditing, stocktaking etc)

  • Proven ability to work within a multiple disciplined Commonwealth and Contractor team to achieve effective outcomes

  • The availability of ‘reach back’ opportunities into the Service Provider organisation that complement and enhance the Specified Persons skills and the overall efficacy of the Services

Anthony Mora

Dora Zhang

Lead Partner





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