36 month contract

Program Support Office

Level 2 & Level 3

The Dismounted Combat Progra (DCP) seeks to increase its capability to meet its responsibilities and to leverage the strategic partner’s knowledge, experience and workforce capacity.
DCP requires a team initially consisting of seven personal responsible for a range of program management, project management, governance, planning and coordination, oversight, test and evaluation, systems integration, and management functions across the Program. Detail of likely functions and tasks is included below, with the key monthly or regularly scheduled deliverables highlighted.

Job Overview

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The Role

The role’s responsibilities will include:

  • Provide Program Support Office (PSO) leadership and management of contracted PSO staff.

  • Coordinate the input from program deputy directors and staff to update the Integrated Investment Program (IIP) and manage Program activities.

  • Provide support to project teams when using and updating Capability one.

  • Provide advice to project teams regarding navigating through the One Defence Capability System.

  • Conduct stakeholder engagement across and Defence in support of Forward Work Plan maintenance.

  • Support the programs development of a Program submission to Government through CMGR and IC.

  • Develop and/or support development of joint capability needs statements (JCNS), ministerial correspondence, Cabinet Submissions, senate estimates briefs and question time briefs.

Your Background & Experience

The assessment criteria is as follows:

  • The contractor’s proposal for the Strategic Partnership with DCP, including how the contractor’s experiences qualify them to provide advice to a CLC Program.

  • The contractor’s approaches for risk sharing.

  • The contractors approach to delivering the whole of contract-life workforce.

  • The contractor’s experience and performance of the One Defence Capability System.

  • The contractor’s experience and performance of program and project management skills.

  • Suitability of contractor and their ability to hold necessary security clearances.

  • Ability of candidates’ to travel within Australia, particularly for those positions without a prescribed work location.

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Security Requirements

Minimum Negative Vetting – Level 1 security clearance at the commencement of the contract

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2 x 24 month extension options

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