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Quality and Improvements Support

Level 3 - Advanced Practitioner

12 month contract

The Directorate of Continuing Airworthiness-Army (DCA-A) is the approved Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) for the Army Aviation Military Air Operator (MAO) and is responsible for the ongoing management of the continuing airworthiness and sustainment of the Army Aviation fleet. The CAMO Quality, Improvements and Projects (QIP) team overseas the quality management aspects of DCA-A, as well as initiating projects to focus on continuous improvement.

A requirement has been identified for the service of an experienced Quality Practitioner to contribute to the ongoing quality management and improvement functions of the CAMO by providing subject matter expertise in support of the oversight and management of the CAMO continuing airworthiness requirements.


Daily rate negotiable

Contract Extensions

1 x 12 month extension options

Security Requirements

Minimum NV1


Job Overview

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Service Benefits

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Training & development

The Role

The role’s responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Provide subject matter expert advice on Quality Management Systems within the context of the Defence Aviation Safety Program including policy and practices, system development and internal auditing.

  • Assist in the development of policy, process, procedures and tools relating to Army’s Continuing Airworthiness Management System and the management of quality and risk.

  • Participate in, and provide subject matter expert advice at meetings and oversight activities, such as Quality System Reviews, CAMO Conferences, Army Aviation Safety Program Conferences, Airworthiness Boards, Airworthiness Reviews and internal/external oversight activities.

  • Other tasks as required to deliver the specified requirement above. These tasks may include:

  • Assisting lead auditors by participating in the conduct of oversight activities.

  • Developing or contributing to the development of oversight activity reports and findings.

  • Reviewing immediate and corrective actions proposed to address findings issued by the CAMO.

  • Review of external audits to identify risks to the continuing airworthiness management of Army Aviation systems.

  • Developing positions on the immediate and corrective actions required to address findings issued to the CAMO.

  • Manage, monitor and report on quality system health indications and trends.

  • Participate in continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Maintain quality records and systems.

  • Assist the Quality Manager in administering the enterprise level system.

Your Background & Experience

The role requires demonstrated experience in:

  • Superior knowledge of Quality Management Systems in the context of Defence aviation.

  • Superior knowledge of continuing airworthiness within the context of the Defence Aviation Safety Authority framework and the requirements for continuing airworthiness under the Defence Aviation Safety Regulations, Part M.

  • Experience with Quality Management System in an aviation regulatory context.

  • Proven ability to work within a multiple disciplined Commonwealth and Contractor team to achieve effective outcomes.

  • The availability of ‘reach back’ opportunities into the Service Provider organisation that complement and enhance the Specified Persons skills and the overall efficacy of the Services.

Anthony Mora

Dora Zhang

Lead Partner





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