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Range Trials Coordinator

Level 1 - Associate/Entry Level

12 month contract

Joint Proof and Experimental Unit is seeking a Range Trials Planner/Scheduler resource to coordinate the management and ongoing updates to the explosives ordnance trials plan and schedules to ensure that trial activities are planned and the appropriate resources, including personnel, equipment, facilities and stores are available as the schedule requires.
Support is required in areas of forward planning including evaluating trial requirements and sourcing, human resources, maintenance, repair, refurbishment, replacement, internal and external resources and procurement needs.


Daily rate negotiable

Contract Extensions


Security Requirements

Minimum NV1


Job Overview

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The Role

The role’s responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Assist with planning and scheduling of trial activities including stakeholder engagement;

  • Assist in the development, implementation, analysis and coordination of the trials master schedule;

  • Assist with reviews of test requirements;

  • Facilitate transmittal of supplier quotes to the capability or procurement team and manage shipment and delivery of local and international orders; serve as key contact for supply enquiries;

  • Analyse data and collaborate with Capability & Logistics Manager and Warehouse Manager to determine and apply appropriate ordering, inventory, and      replenishment policies;

  • Coordinate with Purchasing for supply of identified procurement requirements and tender documentation;

  • Support coordination activities or contractor involvement between suppliers, Q-Store, warehouse and the other identified areas;

  • Assist with risk analysis and develop risk minimisation strategies appropriate for facilities and / or equipment requirements;

  • Support WHS checks to validate facilities or equipment compliance; investigate & reconcile discoveries;

  • Assist to conduct Hazard Identification and Analysis to improve the performance of support to JPEU trial and range requirements;

  • Assist the Range Trials Manager with reviews of trial activities and reporting;

  • Maintain and update objective files throughout the life of an activity

Your Background & Experience

The role requires demonstrated experience in:

  • Experience and knowledge regarding capital works and refurbishment projects, including negotiation with service providers, regulatory authorities, government bodies;

  • Experience and knowledge regarding the reporting, planning and implementation of cost-effective and quality trial methodology;

  • Experience and knowledge regarding a range of disciplines and services to ensure the functionality, safety and efficiency of scheduled trial Hazard Identification and test requirements is maintained; and

  • Experience and knowledge regarding monitoring, maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment, would be advantageous

Anthony Mora

Dora Zhang

Lead Partner





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