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Poor employer branding: the real reason you're losing out on quality candidates

  • Xaana ARIMA

1,900 new Defence jobs created as $9.9b is invested in Australian cyber-security

The governments big push in this year’s federal budget proposes a $9.9 billion injection into the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) to bolster Australia’s ability to defend critical systems and “strike back in cyberspace” with Project REDSPICE.

Last year in Australia there was a reported cyber-attack every 8 minutes, resulting in more than $33 billion in losses.


REDSPICE, Resilience – Effects – Defence – Space—Intelligence – Cyber – Enablers, is the single biggest investment in the ASD.

Doubling its size and cyber hunting capabilities, tripling offensive cyber capabilities, and increasing its global footprint by four times. REDSPICE creates 1,900 new analysts, engineers, various corporate roles, and more across Australia and the world with 40% of staff located outside of Canberra.

“Project REDSPICE is a critical investment in our digital sovereignty. There are growing cyber threats and we are acting to secure our nation” - Assistant Minister Hastie

New AI, machine learning and cloud technology will be used to respond to a deteriorating regional situation of rapid overseas military expansion, increasing coercive actions and cyber-attacks.

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