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Poor employer branding: the real reason you're losing out on quality candidates

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5 ways to save time & become successful

Do you feel as if you’re constantly over-working? Do you feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete all your tasks? Many people today feel overwhelmed with their ever-growing schedules and don’t know how to tackle this.

Here’s our list of 5 ways to save more time and become more successful.

Go to bed early and rise early

It isn’t a myth that rising early in the morning has multiple benefits. Research has correlated rising early with success. It also shows that morning people are more persistent and self-directed. Whether it’s Apple CEO Tim Cook who wakes up at 3:45AM or Richard Branson who wakes up at 5:45AM, it’s a trait that many successful people around the world share.

rising early has multiple benefits
From enhancing your productivity to having better energy levels and moods, rising early has multiple benefits


Are you multitasking at work? Do you believe you’re getting more done and saving time? Research conducted by Stanford University found that people who multitask are less productive and actually waste more time while switching between tasks than if they had just stuck to completing one task at a time.

Girl multitasking with straight face
Multitasking can also damage the brain. The human brain isn't capable to focusing on multiple tasks at once.

However, if the tasks that you’re working on are relatively mundane or don’t require as much of your attention than multitasking could help in getting more things done.

Track your time

Are you looking to take control of your day? Tracking and budgeting your time are essential. Start by recording all your appointments, deadlines, and everything else in your day. Next, allocate time to each activity and monitor and reevaluate how much time it took for you to finish the task.

People who don’t track their time are the ones who wonder where all the time went and why nothing was accomplished during the day.

Looking for a time tracking app to help? We’d recommend Toggl, ATracker, or TrackingTime.

Staying organised is key

Many of us know that living an organised life is a key factor in being successful and keeping on top of your tasks. The cons of not being organised are vast – losing efficiency and speed, forgetting things, getting distracted and many others.

As mentioned earlier, tracking your time and planning for your day will help in staying organised and being more productive.

Set your priorities straight

One of the reasons you feel as if you don’t have enough time in your day to complete your tasks is you’re not prioritising your work. If you aren’t ranking your tasks in order of importance than you are not being as efficient as you can be with your time. Especially during COVID, setting goals and routines can be the best way to stay productive when you're working from home.

To start off with, thing about your core objectives and understand what is most important to you. If you really don’t need to be working

on a particular task, then don’t do it. Tackle the high priority tasks first and then move on to the lesser importance tasks.

To help you prioritise tasks based on their values and how to reallocate your time, check out this free guide.


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