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Poor employer branding: the real reason you're losing out on quality candidates

  • Xaana ARIMA

Leveraging technology to communicate with jobseekers during recruitment

Technology has changed the way we communicate in the 21st century. As recruiters and candidates get to know one another through the hiring process of applications, interviews, and negotiations, technology is transforming how job seekers find work.

Recruitment agencies and job seekers have started to use technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation tools to help build the best candidate experience.

Phone Calls & Email

In a survey conducted by Clutch, over 75% of respondents connected with companies during the hiring process either through phone calls (74%) or email (73%). Video calls were also steadily on the rise (37%) as the pandemic has shifted the ways in which companies are now hiring.


Several years ago it would’ve been impossible to imagine a world where recruiters and job seekers would text each other during the hiring process. However, today it is a common occurrence. It’s an opportunity to touch base with either the recruiter or candidate in between the formal steps of the hiring process.

For example, texting a recruiter and letting them know you might be running late for a scheduled interview is acceptable and appreciated at the same time. Some recruiters also use texting to keep candidates ‘warm’ and excited about the possibility of receiving a job offer. It can also be used to keep candidates informed about future opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in recruitment can be beneficial to recruiters. Firstly, the quality of hires increases as there are many solutions which can assess the skills and experience of candidates using special algorithms. Using AI technologies also helps in saving time for recruiters and it also provides unbiased decisions.

Artificial intelligence in recruitment
AI can help recruiters track metrics such as how a candidate’s skills can predict his or her success on the job.

It is important to learn about these new opportunities in technology and use it to leverage and adapt to the ever-changing environment of the market.

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