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Poor employer branding: the real reason you're losing out on quality candidates

  • Xaana ARIMA

Words from leaders

2022: AI - Reinventing Spend Management in a post-pandemic world

The supply chain shock during the pandemic disrupted production and demand which created crippling services and product shortages in economies around the world. Leaders across the globe are taking a fresh look at their supply chains to assess vulnerabilities and take steps to mitigate risks and to ensure greater resilience in the future.

These measures include diversifying supply networks, building end-to-end visibility, harnessing AI and process automation to streamline processes, conducting third-party cybersecurity assessments, and creating a more agile approach to respond in real-time to customer demands and production capacity.

Infusing the power of AI, Xaana’s platform in 2021 became one of the biggest contributors towards digital transformation - embracing E-invoice in partnership with Australian Taxation Office (Peppol Framework), Intelligent OCR and an intelligent automation platform to support hyper-connected systems initiative in ANZ. Currently, Xaana is gearing to take the solution to the Global market in 2022 - to make better and more secure use of data and drive agility, efficiency, and performance across every part of the business.

Take the next step in exploring the roadmap to AI excellence and turn AI into ROI; while ensuring a responsible, human-centered approach to build more resilient, demand-driven supply chains that can deliver on customer needs while withstanding any future unprecedented shocks.

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